Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Eight Years.

Eight years ago today, I was busy getting ready to get hitched. We had a beautiful Christmas wedding, and it was such a good time for us, but instead of getting all mushy today, I'll let you in on something about me and Rico......we are total opposites. We are a perfect example of opposites attract. On paper, we would never work, but for us it works......

*Paul is country, I'm city.

*Paul likes to camp, I like to camp at the Holiday Inn.

*Paul wants to vacation in Alaska, I want to hit Hawaii.

*Paul is a movie freak, I prefer to read or go out to eat.

*Paul is a meat and potatoes kind of guy, I like salads and casseroles.

*Paul is direct and not afraid of confrontation, I keep it to myself.

*Paul is not shy at all, I have my shy moments.

*Paul is a hunter, well, I think you all know how far from that I am.

*Paul always trusts people, I don't.

*And lastly, he's an eternal optimist, and I'm a pessimist!!!

So, you see, our marriage is full of seeing things much differently. Yet, we make it work. I really admire his strength and above all I admire his knowledge of the Lord, and how he actually walks it. Knowing the Bible and actually living out what you know is two different things, and I've watched him do it over and over again. Truth is, so many people would fold like a cheap suit if they've gone though a third of what he has, and well he just keeps getting stronger!! So, while we might drive each other crazy with our differences, I can't help but love that man!!!

Rico decided we would celebrate our anniversary where we had our first date ;-)
Here's the lovely couple....
There's my Rico!!! SUAVE. ;-)
Oh, and he did good!!! He bought me a new watch. I will post pics later.


Jaime Mac said...

Sweet, yet funny post! Love that about you! (LOVE the camping at the Holiday Inn. Hi-larious!)

BTW-B-rad & I are kinda opposites too. I think that's what makes relationships work. Ya gotta have that balance, ya know?! And thanks for not getting too mushy...you know how I am...

Happy Anniversary!

Jami said...

Happy Anniversary!!! You are my kind of gal, I knew we were friends for a reason :)

The McAfee's said...

opposites attract!!! love it!! happy anniversary!!!

Arthur Family said...

I love this post! HappyAnniversary to you two!

Jenny said...

Happy Anniversary!!1

Jill said...

Happy Anniversary, you two! You guys make such a GREAT couple! :)

Tracey said...

Glad you had fun & you got your watch!!!! YEA!! Very cute post.