Friday, April 11, 2014

A new season. A new league.

As of last night our baseball season is officially underway. 

Nothing quite like that first game, you know?

The excitement, the jitters, the feeling you might jump out of your skin. And I'm just talking about myself.

I do know Pierce was somewhat nervous. This is a new league this year, and it's pretty serious business.

And speaking of new territory, Paul has had to step into a coaching role.

Since I'm a Christian and all I will keep it nice and just say that our coaching this year has been different.

Even though Paul didn't sign up for this, this is where we are and he's been great to just step up. And actually Pierce is very happy about it, so I will call it good.

And you know who just stepped back into her role like she never skipped a beat.

Making friends like the extrovert she is.

Probably the biggest event of the game last night was when Pierce got hit by a ball. This is kid pitch league so it's naturally going to happen for a while, but still seeing it happen? You know my insides screamed, GET UP AND RUN TO YOUR BABY! And while you are at it, HOLD HIM AND ROCK HIM LIKE A BABY.  I would totally do that if I could. 

But I kept my cool, as did Pierce.

I guess we are both growing up.

Excited for a new season! Let's do this Yankees! (And yes he is Kaepernicking)