Friday, April 4, 2014

My dad apparently wanted extra attention

Pool shenanigans in late March? 

That can only mean one thing.

Neena and Papaw were in town.

And a sweet bonus to the grandparents being in town is all the time you get to spend in the hotel pool.

I mean who wouldn't love that?

Plus grandparents who clearly never take their eyes off of you. (Hi mom and dad!)

Of course they really do pay them plenty of attention.

And spoil the fire out of them.

And as you can tell child on the left clearly takes well to all the time we spend shopping while child on the right almost needs medication on said shopping trips.

While they were here April 1st rolled around, and well just read this group text my sister sent to us...

Notice I replied that dad fell?

Oh yeah, my dad fell big time, and in the midst of all that mess apparently Nathan fell and dislocated his elbow!

I mean there was an x-ray photo and ALL!

Basically we were all in a tizzy acting a mess wondering if dad had busted his brains and now worrying about Nathan.

But it quickly became clear why Jo is evil and I am highly favored. (Actually it was pretty genius, especially the fake x ray pic)

But my dad falling, that was real. I wasn't there so I can only relay what my parents said.

 Mom and dad went on a walk and somehow my dad lost his footing and "went down like a tree" in the words of my mother. And also in the words of my mother, "he hit his head twice on the asphalt and it sounded like a watermelon hitting the ground."


Immediately I went into freak out mode: "You know dad, Natasha Richardson "took a tumble" and wasn't seen and then she died!!" And when I explained to Jo what happened she went into "GET HIM SEEN NOW" mode, plus all my friends said he should be seen, then add my mom to that equation and he never had a chance.

Plans don't always go the way you think do they? But knowing dad was okay was all that mattered to any of us.

And it wasn't long before dad sent this message to everyone.

All was well and his trademark humor still in tact.

Dad if you wanted extra attention, you could have just said so.

Thanks for the visit mom and dad, fall and all it was a nice way to spend some of our Spring Break.


Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I bet Jo felt like a heel for joking when she found out your dad had really fallen! Ha!

Susie said...

That was mean of Jo! But glad your dad is ok!!

Lynne and Nick said...

glad your Dad is doing better - scary for all of you!

Jami said...

Love the shopping picture. Poor Pierce!
I agree with Kat, I bet Jo felt terrible. Glad all is well now.