Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Break has come to an end

Our Spring Break has come to an end. 

But what a good end we had!

Tracey and Jami came to see us. 

Crazy to think these two boys have been in each others lives since birth. And just look at them now!

It's of course one thing to watch your own kids grow up, but it's also pretty cool to watch your friends kids grow up.

Like I've said 8 gabizillion times before, always appreciate when they make the effort to come see me.

Wasn't long after everyone arrived that we all loaded up and invaded Brittany's house.

Thankfully she's sweet like that and didn't mind being invaded.

Lots of intense playtime!

With a Frozen break, oh you know to watch it for the 876,994,838 time.

Funny though, at some point all the little kids had quit watching Frozen and had run off to play, and wouldn't you know who we find sitting and watching it. These two big boys who try and act like they don't like it all all. And no they hadn't just gotten out of the shower, that's just pure nasty sweat.

The reason? Some pretty intense games of basketball.

And somehow Jami and I got drug into a game.

Not gonna lie, it wasn't pretty.

But all those stinky kids are worth it.

And yes, I am a sap.

But I love all these girls deeply, and all of their offspring too.

Spring Break 2014, in the books.


Susie said...

Fun Times!!

Jami said...

Such a great day and I want to come back, like right now.

Tracey said...

I love you. :)