Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Little G, established November 17, 1974. 

That means that the big 4-0 was on Monday. 

Honestly, who turns 40 on a MONDAY

While I wasn't super thrilled about turning 40, ON A MONDAY, I was super thrilled to celebrate it! Not gonna lie, I love a birthday! 

Tracey always does such fun things for my birthday, and this year was no exception. Starting November 4th I had a gift to open everyday leading up to my birthday....

Just look at all the cards.

And she did the lyrics to the Golden Girls.

We really can't wait to be The Golden Girls. (BTW, Tracey is Rose.)

I was also treated to dinner, my friend Brandy took me out Sunday night. When the little fellas unexpectedly came round the corner yelling and trilling their r's, I screamed and suffered heart palpitations. Thankfully my 40 year old heart can still take mild excitement.

Monday was so fun to wake up to phone calls and texts....


Right as we left for the day some snow started to fall and I couldn't help but feel it was a special birthday treat just for me.

Actually I felt that way all day. Lots of surprises, lots of love, and lots of food, which you know always makes me happy.

Brittany, who has her hands WAY full, was sweet and offered to watch the kids Monday night so we could go out alone to celebrate. I fulfilled an old lady stereotype and chose Cracker Barrel.

Brittany then made the evening complete by giving me a candle to blow out.

I suppose this is the time I should get all philosophical about turning 40? But instead I think I will sum it up with what Pierce said to me, "Happy Birthday Mom! You're about mid-way through!"

Thankful for my life. Thankful for the years. Thankful to take on another decade.


Susie said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like a great way of turning 40!!

Jaime Mac said...

What a memorable birthday! Why don't we get to know WHAT the gifts were? I've been waiting like forever for that! (Or at least since Nov 4th!)

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Gretchen :)

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Glad it was such a great birthday! Happy happy! :-)

Jami said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! Cupcake and cupcakes go awesome together!