Friday, November 21, 2014

Yes of course Christmas is up

Anyone that knows anything about us, knows we do Christmas early. 

I think it was two Saturday's ago that we got everything put up. It was a free weekend, we had the time, so hey let's do it! 

This year we did a little outside too. The kids were so excited!

I was super proud of myself for being really chill about it this year. I just sort of let the kids put stuff wherever they wanted.

 Go me!

Isn't it pretty?

I think it's so funny how people get mad about when others put up their trees. Especially people on Facebook, they always seem to be getting fired up over when it's okay to put up a Christmas tree.  It's pretty simple to me, if you don't want your tree up early, then don't put it up.

But for me, it's peaceful and I want to enjoy it as long as possible.

So if you need me, I'll be right here.


Susie said...

Pretty tree!! Ours is going up this weekend!! Normally we do it the week of Thanksgiving but we are going out f town next weekend with granddaughters.

Hillary said...

1. I totally agree with you about putting trees up early!

2. Your house is SO TIDY AND CLEAN. How??

3. Your tree is gorgeous and I Love it!

4. Happy Friday!


Jaime Mac said...

You know where I stand on this....
(but yes the tree is pretty...)

Tracey said...

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...