Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Halloween my fingers quit working

"Hey kids, what do you want to be this Halloween?"

Pierce: "Football player, just like last year." 

Hope: "A flapper, just like last year."


I did push them, are you sure?? You really don't want to do something different? Nope. Repeat of last year suited them just fine.

So it was an easy Halloween set up for me.

Our tradition is to meet the Richey's and trick or treat in pumpkin alley, but with Blake and Brittany in China we had to switch it up a little. Britt's in-laws were still with the kids, so we made ourselves a plan that ensured our kids could still be together.

Kids were pumped, I was pumped, and we started out strong.

But it didn't take long before I realized what a painful night this was going to be.

It was cold. Way cold. And the WIND was wicked!

You know how you prepare for your children, but not as much for yourself?

Yeah I was regretting that about fifteen minutes in. (BTW, I considered asking the homeowner of this house if I could move into an extra room or something, because this house made my house happiness ooze. LOVE this house.)

But the cold didn't stop the crowds.

Just look at this front yard, easily forty people just in one yard..

It didn't take long and the temps started to get to some of the kids and they needed to go back.

But mine opted to GO BACK OUT with a new set of kids.

I think the second time we went out it was for an hour, and that's when my fingers quit working.

When we got to the photo-op spot at pumpkin alley, the kids couldn't bear to wait to take a picture, and my trigger finger had stopped working. WE WERE DONE.

We headed back to Cindy's house to warm up with lots of yummy food, and I didn't pick up the camera once.

But now all the fingers are working again, and the negotiations of candy trade will go on for days. Happy Halloween indeed!


Tracey said...

Cutest little flapper ever! And, Pierce needs to be in a blue that is a little brighter. ;)))

Hillary said...

You have LEAVES that change COLOR!! I am so jelly!! :) Happy Belated Halloween!

Susie said...

Wow that was some good crowds!! We had very little because of the rain! Glad they had fun!