Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A glimpse at my summer

I remember when nothing could keep the kids out of the water. 

Five degrees and blue lips? NOT A PROBLEM! 

But that was then.....

And this is now.

We finally headed down to the pool and the kids were pumped! That was until they stuck their toes in the water, and then it was all, HOLY MOLY MOM! THIS IS REALLY COLD!

Now you know there is really only one way to handle water like that, and that's to JUMP IN AND EXPERIENCE HEART FAILURE. Or at least that was what I told them, not that I would do such a crazy thing. Hope was the first to be brave and take it like a boss.

But Pierce was cautious...

Lots of contemplating

And him-hawing around.

But finally, and I might add, regrettably on his end, he took the plunge.

After that he was content to play OUTSIDE the water.

 Hope lasted a lot longer than her brother, but eventually they both ended up outside the water.

And I watched them playfully fight, until it of course turned into a real fight.

And that's when I got a glimpse of my summer.

Only three days until I say, KIDS STOP FIGHTING at least 648 times a day. And I can't wait.

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