Friday, May 8, 2015

The end is near

Straight off the top we have to address it, because there is just no way around it.

13 days left. 


I sort of view it like the end of pregnancy and the early stages of labor. Now is about the time we start pacing the floor with pains, the end is near, but we still gotta push through the hard stuff. 

For the kids the hard stuff is next week. TESTING. Pierce said he is really dreading it. Not because he can't handle it, but it's just really tedious. But I keep reminding him, it's almost over. 

I've also promised ice cream when it's over. Hope doesn't start K-Prep until next year, but she'll reap the benefits of ice cream as well, because of course. 

You know what else helps get us through? LETTING OFF STEAM AND HAVING FUN. 

 Britt texted me and asked if we wanted to come swim, and lo' and behold we both had a free night! Super rare.

 It was our first swim this year.

 The kids had SO much fun.

Pierce thanked me after we left, "thanks for bringing us over tonight mom, I had fun."

And well these two?



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Susie said...

Wow can't believe it is almost over! You all are lucky here they don't get out till the 10th of June.