Monday, May 4, 2015

It's not a skating party until they play Amy Grant

First of all let's get to the important stuff: ONLY 17 DAYS LEFT OF SCHOOL. 

As we head into May I can hear in my head, "please secure all your belongings, keep hands and legs inside ride until it comes to a complete stop" or you know something like that. Because May is a ride on the crazy train. It's exciting, it's busy, it's expensive, and just when you think you might come up for air, crazy train May tells you the ride has not come to a complete stop. 

But I love May. 

May means it's time for some activities to come to an end until next August. 

The Jumpin' Jags put on a last performance for the parents.

She's really so good with a jumprope!

She told me she's ready for the season to be over

But wants to do it again next season.

Listen, if you're going to put a full year into any sport, you sort of live for the handing out the medal moment.

She told me she couldn't wait.

Check out her expressions, I just can't convince her to give drama a go. She would be so good...

When the coach called her name, he made a comment about her actually being 21. I'm not sure what that meant, but she died laughing. I hate that this picture is sort of blurry of her, but that was her completely embarrassed.

Way to go Hope! You jumped for an entire school year!

In celebration of the end of the season there was a skating party for all the jumpers and families.

I stepped into that skating rink, AND STEPPED BACK IN TIME. Every Friday night as a kid, our school would have skate night/movie night. I went to a private Christian school, so we would jam out and skate to Amy Grant. I mean you've never really skated until you've gone around a gym to El Shaddai.

 This rink wasn't playing any Amy Grant, but it did take me back. I forgot my socks or I would have joined and showed them my old moves, even though I'm sure I would probably fall and bust a hip.

But Hope did great! I only got one photo of her in action, but she really took to it pretty quickly.

I definitely want to go back as a family and all of us go skating. Maybe I'll even ask the DJ to turn off the Wobble and spin a little old school Amy for me.

Such a fun Saturday! And such a great season.


Shawn Stinson said...

Nearly spit out my drink at "you've never really skated until you've gone around a gym to El Shaddai" Good stuff.

Tracey said...

^^ME TOO!!! Oh man, to be young and at a skating rink again...