Monday, August 10, 2015

Holiday World

The day we had been talking about for WEEKS, finally came. (Oh you know, back in JULY) The kids were up super early, bouncing around, screaming, and thanking me for "this opportunity." And you know, Holiday World is an opportunity! AN OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE FUN. 

My kids had never been, so I think they were just a little extra excited.

Pierce and I didn't waste any time, and we were in life for his first coaster.

I personally had not been on a coaster in about 15 years, so I wasn't sure how my 40 year old body would handle it.

But I wasn't gonna let that stop me.

AFTER HIS FIRST COASTER. Yeah, it sorta tripped him out, but he told me he would ride it again, so it was all good. As far as me? Um, my body was screaming at me, YOU ARE 40 NOW!

The park was pretty crowded that day.

But the weather was perfect.

Not all that hot for a July day.

We spent hours in the water park, Splashin' Safari. The first big ride that we took the kids on was a water coaster, and it FREAKED Hope out, so I was sure she was done for the day. But after an hour or two, I convinced her to ride a slide with me.

She kept looking allll the way up there and would get scared, but I knew if she would take this one on, she would have fun.

But nerves and tears.

But it was an easy slide, and as soon as we got down she asked to ride it again. SUCCESS!

Bad thing about hanging in the water park is no pics of it, but it really was so much fun.

We opened the park up that day, and we closed it out too.


But such a fun day.

The kids heard me talking about going to Disney, and they spoke up and said, WE WOULD RATHER GO TO HOLIDAY WORLD.

Well you know that would save me a few thousand dollars, so I'm good with that.

They have both told me it was one of the best days of their lives, so I'm sure it will be something we do every summer. 

And for the record today is the very last day of summer break for the kids.

Tomorrow begins 5th and 3rd grade! Whoop!


Susie said...

Always a fun place to visit with the kids!! Glad everyone enjoyed themselves!! Yes it is definitely cheaper then Disney World!

Jaime Mac said...

UHM I haven't ridden coasters in about 8 years.... just can't do it anymore in our advanced age! :)
Glad the kiddos had fun! So nice to have such a great place so close!