Thursday, August 20, 2015

Operation pergola

Weeks before we moved into our house Paul told me that he was going to build a pergola. I personally had no idea what a pergola was, but of course googled it and then decided that his idea was good. We only had a small slab out back and really did need something else, so sure let's have a pergola.

He didn't want to tackle this job alone, and I sure as heck wouldn't be of much use to him, so he summoned his crew and they agreed.

And really what kind of friends drive two hours, to help you build something OUTSIDE when it's 8 gazillion degrees by 7 am?  THE BEST KIND.

They were here the night before so they could get a really early start that morning.

It really was over 80 degrees at 7 that morning, such a HOT day.

I felt really bad for them, so I offered them water and stuff.

And you know cheered them on.


And they had that thing whipped up in a few hours.

They really are handy bunch.

And see that little boy in the bright neon shirt admiring Matt?

 It was so fun for him to be included all day like one of the men.

Even harassed and picked on like one too.

 And he loved every minute.

And let me tell you what I am loving.

One night when I got home Paul had set up lights out there for me.

We have a hammock and lights and it's just a little piece of lovely right out my back door.

Operation pergola, a great success!


Jami said...

I love it! The lights are a perfect touch. And I would have no idea where to begin on that.

Jaime Mac said...

You DO have the best friends!!! It looks awesome!

Susie said...

That was great of the men to do that!

Tracey said...

They are awesome people. :) Can't wait to see it in person!!