Friday, August 14, 2015

5th & 3rd

Well that was a quick summer. 

But hello, what summer break is NOT fast. It's just the nature of the beast, and also getting OLD. "Where has the year gone??" Hello, how many times a day does old lady G say that? 

And then you really want to get old, well just have some children and literally you will always wonder, where have the years gone? Just get on Facebook at any given moment, and every mother since Eve is saying that. 


But um, our son is in 5th grade. Where have the years gone? 

Last Sunday was open house to find out who his teacher was, etc. He really had no preference who his teacher was this year, just wanted to remain in class with his friends. 

Hope on the other hand was hoping for Pierce's third grade teacher, and she did get her. But that only sort of outweighed the fact that her best friend wouldn't be with her this year. Sad face, she's at a different school this year. 

 But we've just tried to keep it positive. Her friend still lives in the area so they will still see each other.

And Pierce did get in a class with all his friends, so they both left feeling pretty pumped.

Last year was such a great year for Pierce, and prayerfully this is also a great year.

 Same goes for Hope, prayers for a great year. I always pray with them that they shine a light to those around them, and reflect Him.

So here we go, 5th and 3rd.



Hillary said...

I can't get over how old they both look! Happy thoughts and prayers for a great school year! xoxox

Susie said...

Prayers for a good year! Happy they got the teachers they wanted.