Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Carving adventure

While in Indiana there is lots of play with the cousins, because the kids are CRAZY about their cousins. 

You can imagine the delight that was felt when Cody suggested we get together to carve pumpkins. And that was just from me.

But the kids? They were beyond pumped.

When he suggested the carving, I imagined maybe we'd carve a couple small ones.

I imagined wrong. 

We had six massive pumpkins to occupy us.

No way around it, pulling out the middle of a pumpkin is whack.

It just feels wrong.

But you eventually get used to it.


This wasn't just a little kid activity.

In fact I think the grown ups may have enjoyed it more than the kids.

Determined to carve a masterpiece.

I was all, "let's carve a smiley face"

Uh no.

So I mainly sat back and just photographed as it unfolded. 

I think it took three hours?

But they turned out great!

So I did help Pierce with his, and he regretted that decision. He was totally upset with how his turned out. If you can't tell it's a Patriots mascot, but he hated it. Perfection runs through his blood, so all he saw were the imperfections. I can see the pain in his face in this picture, "OH MY GOSH, MY MOM RUINED MY PUMPKIN."

Once his dad talked him off the ledge, I think he came around that it turned out pretty well.

How awesome did these turn out?!

It really was such fun, I loved hanging out with my sister, my nephews, and Megan. We are determined to make this a tradition and already have new strategies laid out for out next carving adventure.

Until next time!