Wednesday, November 18, 2015

40 + 1

So I woke up yesterday a year older. 

I could complain about some wrinkles, or weird body changes, cause mercy knows there are some.  Instead I only want to think about what my kids did for me. 

Hope and Pierce parked themselves outside my door at 5:30 am, just waiting for me to wake up. Oblivious I was peacefully snoring and drooling. Paul put them out of their misery and woke me up at 6. "The kids are waiting for you. They've been working on something for you since Saturday, please look on the beside table."

Hobbity whobity whaty?

I sat up in my beautiful splendor and turned on the light.....

I heard snickers and saw smiles of two very excited kids.

Sitting straight up out of bed I had to think. Mercy.

First clue led me to two snow globes that Hope had given to me out of her own stash. Uh, precious.

When I found them they loudly pointed me to the next clue, "YOU'RE COLD MOM!" "NO WAIT, YOU'RE HOT!"

Inside the black table were two cards for me.

Third clue led me to Hope's room.

I realize this picture is the epitome of horrid but sue me it was 6 am.

A candle, a 10 dollar bill, and Panera gift card.

 And this sweet Christmas decoration.

Also, this was something Pierce wrote about me using my name.

Honestly, I am just so thankful for these two children. They made turning 40 +1, pretty amazing.


Susie said...

How sweet!! Happy Birthday!!

Jaime Mac said...

THIS.IS.AWESOME!!! What a fun, sweet things your kiddos did for you! I love this! Happy birthday!

bethjosh said...

I might have teared up reading that.....