Friday, November 6, 2015

Halloween 2015

Hope has told me for a couple of years now that she wants to be a bride on Halloween. But what always happens? She gets distracted by something that sparkles, and bride goes out the window. 


She said bride, and actually stuck to her guns. 

Do you know how much fun I had with this? Dressing up your daughter and getting a glimpse of a future bride? 


You know when Paul and I got married back in 2002 the tiara was all the rage. Now a tiara is so early 2000's, but pretty perfect for a little girl dressing up.

Now Pierce.

"Hey mom, I wanna be a skeleton"


We don't do scary.

But I caved.

I guess it isn't all that scary, especially when the skeleton breaks it down.

We were ready to roll by 2:00

Plenty of time for me to take an unreasonable amount of pictures.

These are the moments.

So we did out traditional Halloween thing


We go to Brittany's and kill some time, you know so the kids ask every two minutes, WHEN CAN WE GO?

Finally we quit torturing them and we roll.

Just like riding a bike people.

And Emie who has never tick-or-treated in her entire three years, she got the hang REAL quick.

Hope stopped and ate candy after the FIRST house, but I can't bust on her and not reveal, I JOINED.

The veil didn't make it very long.

Nor the mask.

Hundreds of kids out there

And Hope runs into her bestie. Lots of squeals and giggles when that happened.

I think we lasted a good hour

But towards the end

The walking turned to running.

And eventually come-aparts.

The evening ended back at Brittany's

And that was my favorite part of the night.

Taco soup, fires, friends, conversations....

Like I said, these are the moments.


Jami said...

Hope is gorgeous.
Cooper has wanted to be a skeleton for years too and I keep saying no.
I still want to do Pumpkin Alley sometime.

Susie said...

They were adorable!!

Lynne and Nick said...

I love the pictures, and know that your kids will definitely have many wonderful memories to look back on! I can't even imagine how much candy the Pumpkin Alley houses must have to buy! :)