Thursday, February 18, 2016

Goings on

So it keeps snowing here. 

I think we've made it to snow day #7 or 8? I've lost track really.

Snow day #1, snow day #2, and even snow day #3, those feel fun. After that though, it's a lot of time indoor time together. I mean I'm not really sure how many episodes of Liv and Maddie one person can handle, but if we have any more snow days I will get back to you on that.

Here's something fun about snow days...


Can't begin to tell you all the cookies and treats we've made, or more importantly EATEN.

There has been some level of production, like cleaning out closets. That, like the snow days was fun for about five minutes, then it was all WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE.

Parents are stupid aren't they? We complain about everything. Home too much, home too little, BLAH BLAH BLAH. Besides Liv and Maddie episodes we really have been enjoying our time together.

Kids especially love it when daddy stays home, he just ranks up there with Jesus. Maybe if I grilled out in shorts and flip-flops they would think as highly of me?

I did have some fun thrown in all these snow days when my bestie came to visit me.

She didn't agree with my hat choice here, but you know it's time to protect the ol' hair and face, seeing as I'm no spring chicken and all.

Because once all this snow is out of the way, I have plans.


And FYI: 30 days till Spring.


Susie said...

I agree I am so over the snow! By the way you should be able to read my blog now!

Jaime Mac said...

If your bangs didn't work out you could always be like that Sia chick & cover your whole damn face! :)