Monday, February 29, 2016

A smaller world, thanks to blogging

I started to blog in 2008.

The blog was pitiful in the early years, bless it. I had a little learning to do about the whole thing, I mean I really didn't even want to do it. Once I started to figure it all out, I also started to get to know other people, via blogs. I would wiz around the internet, reading, and then eventually stalking. Remember, this was my pre Facebook, Twitter, Instagram days. This was my connection to others in the cyber world. 

Around 2009 I started to read Jaime Mac's blog, I knew she lived near me, but I didn't know her from Adam. I thought she was witty and fun, and I liked the fact her husband was a farmer. Finally one day, I outed myself with the BLOG COMMENT. Do I comment? Will she think I'm a freak? I bravely commented from the kitchen in Charlestown, and then I got my friends reading her too. She did what any nice blogger does, she stopped by mine and commented, and next thing you know we are blog buddies. What was the next step? We decided an in person meet up was in order. Where I'm sure we both hoped for the same thing, a nice person shows up and doesn't kill you. 

It was March 14, 2010, me and Jami went and met Jaime. No one got murdered and here we are six years later and in real life friends. 

Now here's another nifty thing about blogging, your peeps that read your blog get to know your family. I mean you read about someones kids, spouse, parents, siblings, and suddenly you think you know them too! I can't tell you how many times I've spotted a spouse or parent of a blog writer and thought, I KNOW YOU, while I give them the side eye. 

Then there are times that I get a text from a blog stalker with attached a picture of my parents, I'M TALKING TO YOU BETH. I've told my parents, hey you guys are celebrities! My tens of readers know you! 

Good grief how long can I drag this subject out, am I right? And anyone with half a brain knows where I'm going with this. 

My parents like to go to this little event where customers are appreciated for their business with chili and donuts. My dad even sent me a picture that day, and I can't deny I wouldn't mind be appreciated that way either. 

He even sent me a picture of some of the other customers enjoying themselves.

Then he sends me this...

"Good grief, we can't go anywhere without your friends recognizing us!"

That's my JaimeMac! The one who I stalked so many years ago, the one who I now call friend. She knows my parents from the ol' blog, and marched herself right up to them and introduced herself. Ask me how much I loved that? I had the biggest smile on my face. Jaime works there, and now anytime my dad goes in there he will have to look her up.

Just when I was getting disenchanted with the blog, something like this happens that reminds me why I ever really enjoyed it in the first place.

Blogging, making my world smaller since 2008.


bethjosh said...

Love it! Next time I'm gonna March right up to your parents too. Promise. Lol

Jaime Mac said...

You totally made me cry from this post! I'm so glad you stalked me & then outed yourself....I'm so glad you, JLL & I were able to meet! How much fun have we had over the years? I just love you all. It was so awesome seeing your parents.
& you're right--just when the blog seems blah this happens. Love ya g!

Susie said...

I feel I know your family too! I see you sister out with one of the sons now and then! One of these days I will have to get brave and go over to them and tell them how I know them!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

That's so great! And I'm so glad we met through the internet, too! It's the best. :-) (And I'm still blogging ... I will be more consistent again once I can get pictures loaded on my darn computer. Ha!

Jami said...

I love it! blogging was so simple back then.