Monday, February 8, 2016

Watch her grow

So I finally met my new great niece. 

We managed to all stay well and make the trip to Indiana last weekend.

Pins and needles to meet the newest member of the family.

Kids were both quite enamored with her.

Pierce especially.

But really, how sweet are babies.

Besides all the hard work they cause, they are just sweet.

Great Neena went with us too.

She has always loooooved babies.

Camden was there too, but really wanted nothing to do with this pay attention to the new baby business. Or me.

He and Hope are buddies and they played and played.

And sweet Jaclyn is managing well with two babies two and under.

Excited to watch this sweet baby girl grow.

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Susie said...

How sweet! Love babies too! Hey did you get my email inviting you on my blog. It shows that I have an open invitation to you!