Friday, November 1, 2013

A most unusual Halloween

This has been without a doubt, the most unusual Halloween ever. 

Right up until 5:45, I didn't even think we were going to try it out there in that insane weather. But Brittany text me and said that people were out walking around....

I sat on my couch for all of about 10 seconds considering the elements outside, and I quickly decided that we should throw caution to the wind and go for it too. I mean if everyone else is doing it....

I started yelling like some sort of a SWAT agent, "hurry up, get dressed, HURRY, HURRY, GO, GO, GO" 

And out we went, to trick-or-treat in some very tricky weather, and get some of the worst Halloween pictures ever. 


We quickly figured out that we were going to have fun.

The wind was whipping, and the leaves flying all around us, which made it seem more spooky and Halloween'ish.

And the kids were just so happy to be out after all.

By the time we got into the neighborhood the streets were blocked off and we knew we wouldn't be able to meet up with our friends. That really stunk.

But we made the most of it, and had a really fun time.

You know Hope had planned all along to be a bride, but last minute she saw this sparkly flapper dress, and all of a sudden it was, "bride who?"

As we put up her costume tonight she told me next year she would be a bride.

I so love this time of year, it's just plain fun.

And although it was a different kind of Halloween, I think this will go down as one of our most memorable.

My little football player and flapper are now fast asleep, and mommy has plans to teach the kids about taxes and go take 10% off the top. Snickers, here I come....

Happy Halloween.


Susie said...

Yes it was a nasty night!! Glad they chose to do ours the night before.

Jami said...

Glad you got to go out. Hope's dress is adorbs!

Lynne and Nick said...

ours was moved to Wed. night, and we really didn't have very many kids. Last night would have been tough with the rain and wind - I'm glad that you all had fun!

Tracey said...

The kids looked cute! Love Hope's dress :)