Sunday, March 30, 2014

I was set up by Kentucky fans

It was Friday, the day of the big game and the day before Spring Break, so it was the start of a very good Friday. 

I was excited to put on my Louisville sweatshirt and go represent my team where I am vastly outnumbered. 

Here I am blissfully strolling into work, or maybe I should say ignorantly strolling into work, totally unaware of what was awaiting me. 

I did a dead stop. 


Oh no they didn't....


I may have screamed, and I may have said some words under my breath. 

And then I heard all the loud laughter of the masterminds behind all of this.

You guys, they went ALL OUT.

Everywhere I looked

And I mean EVERYWHERE, the devil stared back at me.

I mean they even hacked into my computer and changed my screen saver! Evil doers.

Oh and these girls had been setting me up for days! I get visitors each day and we chat about all kind of stuff, and they try and keep me up to speed so I'm not so lame. Anyways, I think it was on Thursday they sat in the office asking me what time I get to work, and I was all like, OH ISN'T THIS SWEET, THEY ARE INTERESTED IN ALL THE DETAILS OF MY LIFE.

Oh no, it was all a big set up!

 I did find a few smart people throughout the day, and I would scream and attack them. 

Pretty sure I scared a few teachers. They would stare at me like a deer in headlights while I screamed and jumped up and down.

Oh and in the midst of all the trash talking over the last week, there may have been a bet placed. If Louisville wins, the girls get me a Starbucks, and if Kentucky wins, I have to sing.


You guys, this day was so fun.

Even though these people are lost in their sinful ways of Kentucky, I absolutely adore them.

And they made me feel pretty special. I will never forget this day!


Susie said...

Oh poor you!! I couldn't imagine walking into that!!

Jami said...

Totally stinks you live in UK country. Not that I would cheer for Louisville, I just cheer against UK.

Jan Moyer said...

You definitely have the best coworkers.

Brittany said...

Guess you will be SINGING?!?! ;)

Tracey said...

I'm glad IU and UofL fans aren't that obnoxious. ;) this was great!

Jaime Mac said...

This is SOOOO fun! I love how they messed w/ you! It's awesome to work w/ a great group of people!