Thursday, September 25, 2014

Boring G and her bad thyroid

So this beaut of a gal came to see me this past weekend. 

And what are the odds that she showed up on the weekend that my kids had their fall festival. JUST LIKE LAST YEAR. 

Best friends stand in the heat and watch your kids play games.

Poor Tracey.

Even though we both perked up when the kids did the cake walk. We both spotted something we wanted, and we were seriously cheering them on for a win.

AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW?! Pierce won an entire cake. It was quite hilarious and he loved walking around the entire evening showing it off.

Once we finished our time at the fall festival it was time for our weekend to begin,

And here is where I will veer off for a few.

Tracey and I made our usual plans: Eat. Shop. Eat. Shop. But I have haven't been myself for a while, so our usual plans actually turned more into something like this: Eat. Moan about how I feel. Shop. Need to stop and get something to drink. Eat. Complain that my stomach hurt. Shop. Stop and fan myself while I break into a sweat. Eat. Decide I'm ready just go home and lay down.

What I'm saying is basically I was NOT FUN. I tried to keep up the fun and I did have moments of semi-clarity, like my hunt for the perfect pearl necklace.

But for the most part, I just wasn't myself. Not even Michael Kors or Gigi's made me happy.

I tried all weekend to be fun, but sadly for my friends I wasn't great company.

I went to the doctor Monday they ran a bunch of tests, and the culprit for all my issues is my thyroid. Suddenly it all makes sense, and I am so glad to have an answer.  I've started some medicine and I am anxiously awaiting to return to my normal, or at least what's normal for me, self.

Sad I wasn't the greatest of company for Tracey this weekend, but thankful for a friend who is okay to hang out with boring G and her bad thyroid.


Susie said...

Fun times with the festival!! Sorry about your Thyroid problems! Good to see that it can be taken care of!! Tracy was a good sport!

Tracey said...

Hey, whether you felt good or not, I got cake. That's all that matters.

We have fun no matter what. ;-)

Robin said...

So sorry you are dealing with this, but hopefully, you will feel 100% better in a few days! It's good to have a diagnosis that meds can fix!

Lynne and Nick said...

Glad you had the chance to visit with your friends. Hope your meds help you feel better soon!

Babylon said...

Swollen thyroid in woman can be called madam's apple (pardon the pun)and was considered a sign of female beauty back in 16th century!

Jami said...

I'm sure Tracey had a great time. Glad they found out so quickly about your thyroid, and it's something you can hopefully manage.

Jaime Mac said...

Sorry I missed this (I was sick last week...) I do love me some G & T weekends! I'm glad they figured out what was up w/ you!
& I'm sure T had a great weekend even tho you weren't your normal self... just you guys being together is fuel for the soul! ;)