Friday, September 19, 2014

A little offspring update

I know of about eight certain folks who would like an update on some certain little ones. It's been pretty much the usual around here, with a few exciting things thrown in. 

Like, HAIR. 

Hope's hair specifically. 

Hope is all about wanting to let her hair grow, but the longer it gets, the stringier it gets. I went searching the internet and found this little inspiration. Time for a few layers. 

And oh my, it's adorable. And she absolutely ADORES it. It's just a sass-fest up in here with this hair.

Never fear, she doesn't just spend all her time flipping her hair around, she's also doing awesome in school.

As is Pierce.

And as pained as this child looks in this picture, this was a fantastic race for him.

Previous race Pierce had placed 38th, which we of course were pleased with, we just always tell him to try and beat his previous time.

This race he placed 18th out of hundred or more runners.

He even received a medal for placing in the top twenty. He was so proud.

I'm pretty proud too.

Of them both.


Susie said...

Cute hair Hope!! Great job Pierce!!

Jami said...

Love her hair!
I think it's exciting he is starting to run. It's a cheap sport, no equipment :)