Monday, September 8, 2014

Best week ever

VH1 used to have this show called, Best Week Ever. Maybe they still do, I don't know? But the whole premise of the show was to talk about the previous weeks happenings and talk about who had the "best week ever." 

That show would pop in my mind every so often when I would think about Pierce's week and I could almost hear them announce: "And for that reason, Pierce you are having the BEST WEEK EVER." 

Immediately following Pierce's baptism, he was nominated by his classmates to be the Leader of the month. Before when he has received this award it was always his teachers decision, but now they let the kids in the class decide, I think he felt pretty proud about his classmates thinking he's a leader. 

He also had another race.

Did you know Cross Country is such a big thing? Well I sure didn't. Which I guess isn't all too surprising seeing as I'm not exactly an athletic gal, well unless you qualify dancing as a sport WHICH I TOTALLY DO, then yeah I'm athletic. Anyways, so there are like hundreds of people at these races, with tents set up and people just camping out waiting.

And that seems to be what we do a lot of, just hang out and wait.

Things of late have sort of revolved around her brother, but her time is coming.

She has jumprope tryouts soon and she is thinking she wants to get back into dance soon.

 Besides when we are sitting around guess who pouts and then gets treats?

LOOK AT THAT FACE. Spoiled I tell you.

So this race was in the crazy heat, which was UGH. We are all over the heat.

But heat can't stop these guys.


He said with the heat he really struggled this time, but he finished strong.

And to conclude his best week ever? He was able to wear an Under Armour shirt to church (thanks Neena!) you know things like that are important to a nine year old boy. :-) Great week!


Susie said...

Glad he had a good week!!

Brittany said...

HOPES face in that last pic!!! That is a glimpse of her as a teen!! Beauitful

Tracey said...


Wish I could have been there. Crazy how our kids are growing up. (tear)