Thursday, September 11, 2014

Life According to Kids

*It's been quire a while since I did one of these posts, so some of the things the kids said are from the end of last school year.* 

One day as I picked up the kids from school, Hope excitedly jumps into the car with big news!

Hope: "We have a talent show at school on Monday!"

Me: "Oh fun! What might you do?"

Hope: "I don't know mommy! I have so many talents, how can I choose?!" 

Pierce was talking to me about teachers he hoped to get or not get, and was explaining to a certain to teacher to me.

"Well she's kind of old. You know like your age."

Hope was giving me the scoop about a child in her class.

Hope: "Well, she picks her nose and eats her boogers! I see her trying to hide it!"

Pierce: "Man, even I don't do that."

Pierce is my old soul child, always has been. Sometimes it's just more evident than others.

A  young girl came flying into our parking lot and I was busy staring her down and Pierce could see I was about to confront her.

"Mom she's a teenager, what do you expect? Remember you were like that once and I bet you drove  fast too."


Susie said...

Cute!! Love hearing what comes out of children mouths!!

Tracey said...


Well, you *are* old... ;)

Jaime Mac said...

I love crazy stuff kids say!

Jami said...

Love those kids. And I don't know if I've seen Hope in pants in like 2 years or more. She looks cute!