Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hard work pays

When a voice awoke me at 4am Monday morning, "mooooom my stomach hurts, and my head hurts"  I went immediately into the mom process mode...

Is this a vomit situation?

Is there a fever? 

Please don't give this to your sister

Please don't give this to ME

How early is too early to text my boss?


And, so on, and so on, with the mom thoughts.  

Once I came to my senses and realized this would require a day at home, I remembered that Pierce was supposed to receive a certificate for a math contest and would have to miss it. SAD FACE. 

But isn't that life with kids? Totally unpredictable. I sent teachers messages and asked that they send it home with his sister.

So we had our own little awards ceremony at home, I took pictures and I went on about how proud I am. Because I am.

This was an online math contest that was for the entire county, and out of 836 players, Pierce came in FIRST

And Hope? She came in FIFTH! Sad face again, because I missed her getting it!


They both work so hard at school, and their work pays off.

And FYI: 4 more days....


Susie said...

Great job Pierce and Hope!!

Jessica said...

I think that is amazing how well they did. Hope everyone is feeling better!

Jaime Mac said...

Wow you have some math geniuses in your house! Good job!

Jami said...

You got some good kids, G!