Thursday, December 4, 2014

Turn it up for 40.

Finally it was time. 

Time to get gussied up, and turn it up for 40! 

Tracey had been planning this evening for a long time, and of course we had been talking about it for weeks, so we were pumped.

I decided to leave the big camera at home and just bring the ol' point and shoot. Funny taking a selfie like this felt old school.

Our friends Matt and Melanie met us for the evening, which considering they were missing a Thanksgiving with her family, I know it was a sacrifice for them. I so appreciated them deciding to spend their time with me.

We decided to try out a place we had never been before, Varanese.

Let me just say, DIVINE.

The food was wonderful, the service was great, and this little jazz duo played Happy Birthday just to me.

Not gonna lie, I felt pretty special.

A group photo was a must before we left the restaurant. For some reason Matt and Paul decided to do a little switch up back there, you know cause they think they are hilarious. But please check out the guy photo bombing us back there.

You can really see it here. Dork.

This was such a special evening and some of the most fun I've had in a long time. 

The weeks leading up to my birthday Tracey said over and over, "I just want your 40th birthday to be special." She put so much thought and energy into the whole event, and I don't ever take for granted having that kind of person in my life. 

Along with Paul, my parents, Paul's parents....all of them played a role in the evening, and I'm thankful for them ALL.

Without a doubt, 40 is good.


Tracey said...

I love you!!

It really was a perfect night :)

Susie said...

Happy Birthday!! You make a beautiful 40 year old!!

Jami said...

So fun! T is a good gal. You do look fabulous.

Jaime Mac said...

OH, I LOVE this!
1. The pic of you & Paul at your parents - omg you look gorgeous!
2. SO glad melanie & matt could come along! FUN!
3. T planning it all?--what an awesome friend! She's a keeper!
4. Happy, HAPPY birthday! SO glad you all had a great night!
5. I hate photo bombs. UGH.

Brittany said...

Love this!!!