Monday, December 8, 2014

Tis' the season.

Tis' the season to just sit in front of my tree, all day, errrrrrrday. 


Actually like it is for everyone, it's such a busy time of year. Crazy how much stuff we pile up in one month, then January rolls around and it's like, LET'S DO NOTHING FOR DAYS.

Tis' the season to leave the kids with the babysitter, so mom and dad can go out with the small group for a Christmas shin-dig.

But I cannot call Olivia, "the babysitter" because she's so much more than that. Olivia is Brittany's cousin, and we've had the pleasure of getting to know her over the last three years. But now? Well, she's moving away, and we are all highly upset about that. This is probably the last time she will watch the kids, unless Brittany and I can implement a kidnap plan, which trust me, we are contemplating it.

Tis' the season, for the kids to begin working on their Christmas gifts for everyone, and the fifty-eleven meltdowns that follow because "THE PICTURES AREN'T GOOD ENOUGH!"

Tis' the season for us to serve others.

Even though that should be every season...

Tis' the season to have a big ol' Christmas kickoff at church.

And tis' the season for little friendships to develop.

Emaline's hand on Hope's hand? I die.

This was Emaline's first event at church, and she did SO GREAT! And if you can't tell by Hope's face, she's in love with her.

And tis' the season for me to be happy to spend time with these sweet girls. (I am so awkward in this picture, and look like I might fall over.)

Have I mentioned I love this season?

Yes. Yes, I think I have.


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