Friday, December 19, 2014

Making merry!

G: "Hey you wanna get together one night this week?"

B: "Yes! Maybe we can make cookies or something with the kids?" 

And then I began to think about the last time we got our kids together to make Christmas memories....


Look how little they were.....

Amazing the difference two years makes. 

It's pretty sweet how they never skip a beat when we get together, they just get right to being buddies.

They do however get wilder than a room full of monkeys.

But wild monkeys that always have fun.

And now we have a new monkey.

She sat next to me during craft time, and I'm sure she wondered who the crazy lady was.

But trust me, we broke it down together. I may be the only one who looks looney, but Emie is going to be my dance buddy.

Britt bought some ornaments for the kids to make.

They did a pretty good job

But of course, they turned silly at some point.

And my 16 10 year old was tripping me out with his smooth faces.

So glad we are still making memories together.

And I can't wait to see how Emie fits in with the group. (Horribly blurry, but holy guacamole Hope is so smitten)

I can't wait to compare this photo next Christmas and see how they have grown.

Good times making merry!


Tracey said...

Pierce has the "smolder" look. 😳

So cute! Love that Hope has a girl to dote over.

Susie said...

Sounds like fun!

Jami said...

This post makes me miss you so much more.
Emie better hold on to that chocolate.