Monday, March 23, 2015

Good things do happen when you camp

So the last time that Paul took Pierce backpacking, was all the way back in 2013. It was an awful, traumatic experience, where they were eaten up by some sort of deer mites. WELL AT LEAST IT WAS TRAUMATIC FOR ME. 

I decided at that time, NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS WHEN YOU CAMP. 

After that experience of being eaten alive, and hiking 2.5 miles in the dark, I was sure Pierce would never agree to going again. 

Uh, no. 

Like someone who goes back to their stupid ex, my son was ready and willing to go backpacking again. 

It took a while, but finally another trip was planned. This time though it was going to be a group trip, five boys and four men. And I would imagine a whole lot of stink. 

This time around they went to the Red River Gorge, in Slade Kentucky. Here's a fun little fact about the Gorge, people die their each year. THAT'S A SONG TO A MOM'S EARS. But Paul should be proud of me, I only gave one small lecture this time around.

"Please don't let him stand near a ledge."

I'm betting he did, but what I don't know won't kill me I guess.

Actually as soon as Pierce walked through the door back home he let me know he climbed up ledges. It's as though they enjoy upsetting me.

That upsetting news was quickly followed by, "I didn't miss you at all! I was too busy to even think about you!"

 I acted appalled, but it actually made me happy. I was happy he had such a great time.

Paul told me that he never complained a single time.

He said he played really hard

Held his weight, and worked really hard.

Proof of that.

I'm happy he's home, didn't fall off a cliff, or get eaten alive.

I'm also happy for these men who invest in their sons and give them memories they will never forget. I must also now admit, as long as I'm the one not going, good things do happen when you camp.


Jaime Mac said...

Yes, look at the bright side - AT LEAST YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO GO. I think it's awesome all these dads took their sons. What an awesome memory! AND the Gorge took NO MAN this time! Score!

Susie said...

What a fun time for Pierce to remember!! Great memories made!

Tracey said...

Love, love, love, love, love! ❤️💙

Jami said...

I forgot about those deer mites, they looked horrible.
Those really are great memories they will make. So fun!