Monday, March 2, 2015

Life according to kids

I accidentally left trash in the car one day, and when we got into the car the smell was definitely a reminder that I forgot! 

Pierce: "Man! It smells like a porter potty in here!"

Hope and I were shopping and she picks up a pair of G-string underwear, she studied them for several minutes and was totally confused by them.


Pierce was telling me a really juicy story, full of great detail, and then we reached the climax of the story:

Pierce: "Mom she let the cat out!"

Me: "She let the cat out?"

Pierce: "Yeah! It was funny, the cat was out!"

Me: "I am confused, what do you mean? There was a cat?"

Pierce:  "Mom, she spilled the beans! You know, she let the cat out!" 

Hope is apparently quite the little witness at school. While I am proud of her for sharing about Jesus, I am a little nervous that I'm gonna get a call one day. And since this happened, we've had a few talks about maybe a nicer way to share...

Hope: "Mommy a girl told me that she believes in many god's, so I told her she was gonna go to hell."  

Hope: "Mommy, I have a dream. You know like Marker Luther Jr."

Pierce: "Mom when I grow up and don't have any money, is it okay if I still live with you?"

Hope loves sharks, so we were having a big discussion about all things shark.

Hope: "You know which sharks I like the least? The sand shark! He just lays there! I like sharks that are more entertaingful."

Pierce: "Mom I like everything about you, but my favorite thing is your personality." (Heart melted)


Jan Moyer said...

Yesterday one of the boys told me I would toboggan faster if I just lost some weight. Children are so precious.

Shawn Stinson said...

Love this kind of stuff. Kids are the worst, I mean best, I mean... oh well. You have some. You understand.

On a related note...My nephew, on a Sunday before MLK day, suddenly remembered he was out of school the following day. He excitedly yelled. "Oh yeah, we don't have to go to school tomorrow!!! IT'S KING ARFUR LUFER DAY!!!"
It's been "King Arfur Lufer" day for us ever since.

Susie said...

Love it! I laughed reading all these!! Love Children's sayings!!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

So cute ... so, so cute! Especially love Hope The Witness. VERY EFFECTIVE.

Jessica said...

You are going to be so glad you did these entries someday . So cute

Jami said...

I love these things. I need to write some down and do a post like this one day.