Friday, March 13, 2015

Parenting in a world of social media

My firstborn is no longer a tiny little fella, much to my chagrin. 

That tiny guy with the big blue eyes? I used to take an average of 65,4789 pictures a day of him because I was firm in being obnoxious. 

But here we are and he's not so "tiny" anymore, and he's getting his own ideas about things.  Ridiculous, right? 

Of course, I jest.  Sort of. 

Pierce is aware of social media, and he is aware that I will take pictures of them and post them. 

You see where this is going

He's told me after I take certain pictures "mom, please don't put that on anything." And I get it. The older he gets, the more I will have to bend with him, and I will have to respect his boundaries. I think as moms we look at our children with such admiration we can't help but want to show them to the world, but then it's about us and not them. 


He's still a little guy and I still reserve the right to post photos, but I've had some light bulb moments that I have to be careful what I share and consider his feelings in the process. 

Parenting in a world of social media is an odd thing. I will hopefully navigate my way through it without messing up my children too much, but only by the Grace of God. 

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Jaime Mac said...

I think the word you & Pierce are going to have to come together on is 'boundaries'. ;) I had a fb 'friend' post a pic of her daughter in her prom dress withOUT her head included because 'she looked hideous -she wasn't wearing make up!' (kids words, not the moms.) But then again - we take 9,432 selfies to get JUST the right look before we post it, so why wouldn't kiddos be the same way? HA! Yours are growing up to that fast!