Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend of estrogen

While the men of our life were away with our precious sons, hopefully not killing them, us girlies decided to have a weekend of estrogen. 

Here's a little fact about girls: THEY ARE SQUEALY.

They scream, they squeal, they cry, they pout, and they are adorable. THANK GOODNESS FOR THE ADORABLE PART. It seemed Tracey and I hardly saw them, they would just run off, close the door and play for hours.

 We did decide to treat the girls to a pedicure, or well, I should say we tried to treat them to pedicures.  First time we went in it was an hour wait, so we put our names on the list and left to kill some time. Second time in we waited a good 40 minutes and were hardly acknowledged. This was as far as we got. Maggie was all, "WE ARE WAISTING OUR TIME!" Smart words from a four year old. We eventually left, bought the girls some new polish, and gave them pedicures at home.

It was a quick visit, but so fun for our girls to have some time together.

How fun will it be to look at these pictures when the girls are 13 and 16?

They will be horrified, and Tracey and I will cry.

Cry because our babies will be all grown up, and because we'll be old.

Fun weekend!


Tracey said...

I love you, Grethen. ;-)

Susie said...

That's great that Hope has someone fun to hang with!!

Jaime Mac said...

I'm so glad the girls could have fun while the boys were out MAYBE being eaten by wild animals!