Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baseball excitement

So another season of baseball is under way. 

This season Pierce is playing for the A's, that's him in the red backpack.

Last season was a rough one, but this one is already off to a better start.

I told Pierce last night, even if you guys didn't win another game you've already won more than you did last season!

He is definitely pumped about it all.

And of course Hope is doing what she does best...

Hanging out with her buddies.

These two together are a mess!

But probably the biggest mess of all of us was me on Saturday.

I stepped away to check on Hope for a few minutes and when I walked back I saw Pierce standing on the pitchers mound.

I looked around like, WHAT THE WHAT?

And then I virtually turned into Madea.

Pierce has never pitched.

He's practiced once.

But there he was, about to pitch.

Paul only let me take pictures while he was warming up, because his nerves were very obvious. Once he got going though he did really well, and told me after the game he really enjoyed it. So who knows, maybe a little more pitching in his future.

But the highlight of his little baseball career so far was last night. Of course it was the night I decided not to take any pictures or anything, I was just sitting back and taking in the moment.

Bases loaded, Pierce gets up to bat, and whap, it went flying. At first I thought maybe a triple, but they just kept going and going. I was jumping up and down screaming, and Paul was yelling, and well it happened! A GRAND SLAM! Pierce was beside his self with excitement! All the boys were jumping up and down, and of course you know I was jumping up and down. It was just so exciting!

After all that excitement we decided a little ice cream was in order.

A hit like that is something I think most little boys dream of, so I must say I put a very happy little boy to bed tonight.

Let's go A's!


Jessica said...

What an exciting day!! Way to go!

Susie said...

Way to go Pierce!

Jami said...

That is so incredibly awesome!

Shawn Stinson said...

I had trouble reading your blog today because of the first picture. I couldn't help but notice the white baseball pants. I am so sorry you are having to endure the hardship that comes with trying to wash white baseball pants. I'll be praying for you throughout this difficult season due to someone's poor uniform color choice.

Jaime Mac said...

I love pierces face w/ the ice cream. He's like 'yea-I'm the man!'