Monday, January 25, 2016


So Christmas was over and we were all hanging in that limbo week between Christmas and New Years. Paul headed back to BG to work, and the kids and I stayed back for one specific and special reason. The birth of Lyla Eleanor. 

We had a few days to kill before her arrival, so fun was being had. 

But the fun was very short lived.

We started dropping like flies.

First it was Paul, then me, then Hope, and then Pierce.

I was feeling pretty bad, like go to Urgent Care bad. So you know what that meant? I COULD NOT MEET MY NEW GREAT NIECE.

I was not bitter or unhappy. Oh no.

But enough about my stable emotions, I am happy to report I do have a beautiful new niece. Lyla Eleanor born on 12/29, weighing 7 lbs. 15oz and 21 inches long.

Here I was in Indiana specifically to meet her, and stuck on a couch looking a pictures. NO I AM NOT BITTER.

Oh look, everyone has had a chance to hold her.

 No really I'm happy for them. Jealous? A tad maybe. But I shall prevail.

Check it out, my parents are now Great Grandparents for the SECOND time!

How neat is that?

And Jaclyn and Christopher and both doing great!

I was actually supposed to get up to Indiana this weekend but weather and illness stopped it. OH MY GOSH. So maybe I will meet Lyla before she is walking and talking. MAYBE.

Until then, I will try and keep my emotions in check and stare at this picture of Camden being the cutest and proudest big brother, EVER.

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Susie said...

How sweet! Nothing better than a new baby!