Monday, January 4, 2016

Painfully Colonial

So there was this painful moment in time. You know when a mom tortured her son and made him wear a colonial costume, and OH MY WORD TOOK A PICTURE. 

Not like I have some sort of flair for the colonial life, it was all for a good cause. WE'VE been learning all about the Colonial people, what with their Blacksmiths and diseases. All this learning we've accomplished culminated in a little Colonial program. Seeing as I have learned as much as the kids I think I should have had a role, but whatever.

Check out this guy, a grown man who likes to make Colonial books! Takes all kinds...

Here he is! Tortured and embarrassed, but oh so cute!

They we sectioned into three groups, and Pierce was in the Gentry group.

His little group showed us some games the children may have played back in ol' 1700.

There were songs, readings, instruments, dancing, and lots of information shared. A really cute program.

Funny all the drama we had leading up to this night. He was just SURE he was going to be the only one wearing all the garb, and even talked about backing out. But in the end it all worked and of course he was not the only one in full dress.

And the icing on the cake was that his Neena and Papaw made a special trip just to see the program. In the end the painful colonial experience turned out pretty great.

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