Friday, January 8, 2016

Christmas at the Casa

Guess I will get started on Christmas, and I must warn, I have like three or four installments. War and Peace, Christmas edition.  

You know what's super fun? Working in a school system right before Christmas break.

Not only are the kids hyped up, so are the adults.

Nothing like that Friday you go home with two weeks ahead of you.


This was our first Christmas at our new home.

Paul and I made a decision to have Christmas here, at home, before we headed to Indiana. Something that we haven't experienced in over 5 years! It wouldn't be on Christmas day, but the kids didn't care they wanted to have it here too. So on Christmas Eve Eve, we had two eager ones ready and waiting. (Do not pay attention that my chalkboard says November, just pretend it says December.)

Bright and early...

They were ready to roll.

Poor quality cell phone pictures, way to go mom.

I think it's time to think about a new camera for me.

Back to Christmas though...

Hope got the luggage that she had been asking for.

She told me she didn't want to share luggage with her brother when she travels.

Pierce didn't ask for much this year, just a game called Battlefront and a Dick's gift card.

We managed to think of some other things he would like.

Hope thankfully still like dolls...

And anything American Girl related.

Paul and I are so glad we opted to do our little family-of-four Christmas at home.

Just something about it that's pretty sweet.

But the sweet cuddles didn't last long, cause we had to get this show on the road, we had LOTS more celebrating ahead of us.

 Hollywood with HER VERY OWN LUGGAGE let us know, it was time to G-O.


Susie said...

Looks like a relaxing Christmas Eve!

bethjosh said...

So happy for you all. Thankful for all your memories in your new house!