Thursday, January 14, 2016

Christmas Eve 2015

So after the Christmas here at home, we rolled up to Indiana where the honey flows. 

Time to prepare ourselves for the best day of the year...

Christmas Eve. 

Per the normal tradition I met Jami and the boys for breakfast Christmas Eve morning. We started this tradition five years ago, but this time opted for a rich people breakfast at Panera.

Once we heard enough conversation about body parts and such from little kids, we headed home.

The parents house is always beautiful at Christmas.

Unfortunately we couldn't light a fire in the fireplace this time around.

Seeing as it was a balmy 70 degrees!

So we just sat around in denial about the weather and ate.

Christmas Eve we opted for simple foods....

Sort of appetizer'ish.

Who doesn't love a good meatball.

Before we ate I threatened the kids with no gifts if they didn't stop and smile for me. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

After we ate our supper of meatballs and such, there was a lot of this....

The conversations can get interesting.

Oh and look at Jaclyn here, she was about to give birth in five days and you can't even tell from the back. As someone who got pregnant EVERYWHERE, I envy her.

But yeah, there are lots of conversations and lots of laughter.

And sometimes you might even catch young love.

Nathan has a girlfriend.

And it's pretty adorable.

But besides all the Christmas Eve celebrations, we also celebrated our Cody bear who turned 21!

I think it's pretty great our family still celebrates each birthday with importance. Whether you are one or twenty-one we will line up and watch you open up your gifts.

And then you will get a terrible rendition of Happy Birthday.

Because we are awesome like that.

But once the meal has come and gone

And each and every gift assembled...

And each child tucked away in bed

We wait. 

For the big day.....


Susie said...

Looks like a great Christmas Eve! Great Family photo!

Jessica said...

Your family celebrations always look so special. You are blessed!