Thursday, April 18, 2013

Celebrating life as long as we can

I think I've heard somewhere that the Queen of England celebrates her birthday for a week. 

Well, around here we seem to celebrate for A MONTH. 

Hope is now officially a big 6 year old, so we can move on from this topic, BUT I do have pictures to share from the last few days...

Paul and I decided it was time to upgrade her bike, and kept this gift a total surprise.


Next up, we gotta get those training wheels off!

She also got some fun mail from Meemaw and Grandpa, which was THRILLING. But really, what about turning six isn't thrilling?

Thanks Meemaw and Grandpa!

And there has been enough sugar consumption to last her till, well, FOREVER.

And enough renditions of HAPPY BIRTHDAY for all of us....

But after some sad news on Hope's birthday, (not ours, but of a friend) it feels alright celebrating life as long as we can.


Hillary said...

Happy 6th Birthday Hope!


Jami said...

Such a sweet girl. And is that GiGi's cupcake? Yummy!

Angie said...

We should celebrate life everyday! Looks like Hope turning 6 ended up being a pretty special event :)