Sunday, April 7, 2013

It did my sappy heart good

I'm really attempting to finish my posts from Spring Break, but Hope is sick, again.  Her need for me to hold her all the time, has slowed my pace down. But while she's asleep I thought I'd do another post. 

One of the days while in the land of milk-and-honey, we went and spent with Tracey. It was like old times. Kids played outside, Eric acted like 'Old man Reid' and Tracey and I sat around and talked like a couple old hens. Perfection

We spent the night, and the next day Tracey had the idea of taking the kids to this indoor place in Columbus. 

It was free and really fun!

Can you see the boys in there?

At first they kind of looked at that giant thing in fear, but soon they tackled it like they fearless boys they are.

And Hope kept right up with those boys.

I love that about her.

And eventually they made it to the TIP-TOP.

If any of my Indiana peeps are ever looking for something different to do, I highly recommend it.

And while the big kids were being incredibly busy, what was Maggie doing, other than being cute?

I'll tell you what...

She was busy

Showing Gretchen what tough stuff she is.

I mean just look at the form.

Yes, she is adorable. And tough stuff.

I am so thankful for all my friendships, but I'm also so thankful for the relationships my children are building. It was such a sweet day watching these little people having fun together.

It did my sappy heart good.


Tracey said...

Old Man Reid - Love it! ha :)

We enjoyed having you guys. You're old times! One of these days, we will be taking photographs of the kids, in high school, sitting with their girl/boyfriends and remember these precious days. SOAKING IT IN...

Jami said...

That looks like a fun place, I'll have to take the boys sometime.

Glad you had a good week home.

Beth, Joshua, Isabella, McKinley and AnnaKate said...

I must know about this place. Glad you had a nice break :-)

Susie said...

Sounds like a neat place to go. Will have to try it!!