Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's Spring-tastic

Officially Spring Break is over, and officially it's Spring-tastic outside. 

But instead of being outdoors enjoying the spring-tastic weather, we've been stuck indoors for what feels like the last century. But technically I guess it's only been about 4 days or so.

Poor baby girl came down with another round of the wicked stomach stuff on Thursday night, so our weekend was basically this....

I've even been missing work. Eeeek. Work 4 days, then call in sick! How's that for new-employee behavior. Oh well, I guess that's life with kids.

But as of Monday afternoon Hope was sassing me, so I think she's on the mend.

But today? Well today is the 9th of April, so that means my Rico is another year older!

Happy Birthday to the man who puts up with me, supports me, buys me diet cokes, makes grocery runs for me, calms me down, half-heartedly rubs my feet, and loves me for me.


Susie said...

Glad to see that Hope is starting to feel better!! Happy Birthday Paul!!

Hers and His said...

You all get sick almost as much as the Birkes!! Glad she's back to her old sassin ways :-)

Tracey said...

Poor Hope :(

Happy birthday to one of the most wonderful men I know.

Jami said...

Lovin' the Spring weather.

Dislike Hope being sick.
Happy Birthday to Paul!