Monday, December 9, 2013

"Snow" day

So we had a snow day on Friday, and when I say we had a snow day, I mean we actually didn't get any snow. Yeah

This totally bummed me out, because I love a good snow! 

But my peeps up North got it....

I wasn't jealous or anything.

Not me.

We did get some ice, and we did stay in like we got snow, so I won't complain about our "snow day"



And this crazy guy.

That pretty much sums it up.

But we did get out on Saturday and go serve. And let me say that I'm always more aware of Gods gifts and mercies when I do serve, so why I don't do it more often is beyond me.

Blessed far beyond what I deserve.


Tracey said...

Glad you got a day off to relax. ;)

I always love hearing about your time serving. Love that the kids are involved! Love you.

Susie said...

Good to see you all had a relaxing day with the family!! Good to to see the kids helping out with serving!!

Arthur Family said...

Your stories of serving are so inspiring! BTW, love your curtains...where did you get them?

Jami said...

No snow is a bummer, although I'm totally over now. Our long weekend was worth it though.

Your church does seem to do a lot of serving opportunities. Such a great way to give back and give perspective on things.