Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nathan's turn

So 2004 was 9 years ago now, which is cah-razy.

And in 2004, this little guy was only 5.  Which is ever cah-razier...

The one we refer to as Nate, Nate dog, Nater patater...

But I guess I should stop calling him all those "baby" names now... (Even though I still call Cody, Cody Bear. Which he loves.)

Because he is not a baby anymore.

Making his mark as the next generation Borden Brave, and doing what he loves most, BASKETBALL.

I don't think I had been in that gym since Cody's graduation, and I know I hadn't seen the new banner. SO COOL.

Seems like it's been years ago since that whole Road To Victory thing.

But now it's Nathan's turn.

So we all piled up in the gym to support Nathan and enjoy all things basketball.

Which you know, is mainly food.

Cody came to show support for his brother, and I wondered if he missed it.

The camaraderie.

The game.

Even though I can't play it, I personally love the game of basketball, and I love watching Nathan play.

We all love it.

Actually we all just love that Nater Patater  Nathan.


Tracey said...

There's just nothing like cousin love. And nephew love. And Indiana basketball love. ❤️

Jami said...

Just realized I never commented, I'm getting behind on that.

I want my boys to grow up to be like Nathan, such a sweet kid!