Monday, December 23, 2013

A white flag made of pearls

Little girls have grand ideas about what they will wear. Or is that just my little girl? Because MY little girl is very, very headstrong about her outfits....

Setup complete. 

Last Tuesday night it was time for Hope's little Christmas program, which was all exciting and happy, or at least until it was time to get dressed. 

Only directions we were given was to dress the kids in a "Mexican" flair if we wanted. Program was about Pinatas or something. 

Well, we don't really run heavy here with "Mexican" looking clothes, but I did remember of a dress that Paul and I bought for her a couple years ago, from Mexico

Really can't get more authentic than that. 

I told Hope about it and she was on board with the idea, until, I shared that jeans had to be worn underneath. 

The dress is a size 4 and too short without something underneath, so I told her she had to wear a pair of jeans underneath said dress.  And well, you would have thought I signed her up for the guillotine or something. 

There was whaling, there may have even been gnashing of teeth, but momma wan't going to give in. 

Pick your battles they say, and this time I decided I needed to stand strong. I gave her two choices, and she was unhappy with both, so I let her come to terms with it on her own. 

BUT I did give her something to wear with it that seemed to turn the tide around, it was the white flag that ended the war.

See those pearls on the wrist?

Yeah, those were what brought this to a truce.

And the little girl that told me she was going to "quit the Christmas program" just an hour earlier, was all laughs and happy at this point.

She had her friends

And she had her performance.

As tiring as the battle was

I'm glad she has her own ideas.

And I'm also glad for a white flag

Made of pearls.


Susie said...

How cute!! Glad you stood your grand!!

Hillary said...

What a precious story! She's going to love to look back over your blog in the years to come and read cute stories like this!


Jami said...

That is a really cute dress. This is what I mean by a new camera, it looks like you are right there next to her.