Thursday, December 19, 2013

I had one jumper and one sad little girl

The kids have been doing this jump rope team thing for a couple months now. They are loving it, and keep telling me they are learning a lot. 

But I already knew that since they jump rope all.the.time, and I've noticed the improvements. 

But on Monday there was an official mini-performance so we could all get a look. 

Pierce was all business about it, and pretty darn good! 


I had to keep Hope home from school on Monday because of a nasty cough.

One doctor visit and a diagnosis of walking pneumonia later, and I was faced with breaking the bad news: NO JUMP ROPE PERFORMANCE FOR HOPE.


And general devastation.

I really felt sad for her, but what you gonna do? ( I comforted her with a milkshake, and in return taught her  to eat her feelings. WAY TO GO, MOM)

But I had to pay attention to the little guy. (Excuse the creepy smile face, not sure how else to protect the innocent from my tens of readers)

I had never heard of a school having such a thing as a jump rope team until we moved here, and I'm glad my kids are a part of it now.

And I will also be glad when there is another performance so I can watch BOTH my kids do their thing.

Love my jumpers! 


Hillary said...

That is just such an awesome idea to have that kind of team! But poor Hope. :( I hope she feels better soon and WAY TO GO PIERCE!!


Tracey said...

Way to go Pierce!! I think that's awesome :) Poor Hope, though. :(

Jan Moyer said...

"eat her feelings" "tens of followers" - fantastic!
What a great activity - for real.

Susie said...

Hope she feels better soon!! Way to go Pierce!!

Alicia Mcafee said...

Poor Hope!!! That's cool!!

Good thing you covered that gals face. I was all ready to stalk her!

Eat her feelings!! ha ha ha!!!

Jami said...

Dang! He is good!
Seriously, Hope makes the most pitiful faces ever! Can I come squeeze her?