Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A for realsie snow

When we went to bed on Sunday night all we could hear was freezing rain hitting the windows, and we were certain we would awake to some good stuff on Monday morning.

And Monday morning in all it's Monday glory, did not disappoint. When we peered out the windows we were shocked to find legit stuff. Not a dusting, not a few flurries, but a for realsie snow. 

I threw on some of my most hideous snow attire and set out for a few pics. Notice this wasn't the kind of stuff you sunk into, but mostly stuff you walked on top of.

The ice wasn't as thick as I thought it might be

But still a nice coat.

And for the first time since we've lived in BG, we knew we had some good sledding snow.

And right out back from us there was a hill calling our names.

We really brought our redneck game when we decided to try out a storage bin.

Indeed redneck, but also very effective.

Very effective actually.

Hope was lucky we had an actual real sled for her

She was the only one that could fit in it.

She was apprehensive about the whole sledding idea at first

But apprehension quickly disappeared

When she realized just how fun it was!


I quickly remembered just how tiring it is to go up and down the hill

As with most anything fun, it's for the young.


I'm still young at heart, so I had to give it a few tries myself.

It scary that my face practically blends in with the snow. MCWHITEY. 

And yes, daddy took a turn.

Or as I called him, Snoop Dogg, since he was all 'laaaaaaid baaaaaack'

So you see we were just having a grand old time in our for realsie snow...

Until it dawned on a couple of us that eventually pain sets in.

Daddy and Pierce stayed out longer, but us smart girls headed in.

 Fun while it lasted. Indeed.


Tracey said...

The storage bin sooo reminds me of sitting in the cul-de-sac kind of days! ;)

Great pics! I'm over snow.

Jami said...

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Hillary said...

I'm soooo jealous!!!


Susie said...

That looked like so much fun!! Love the storage bin idea!