Monday, March 17, 2014

This is what I did this weekend

You know the hardest part of doing a blog? 

Well, at least for me?

Starting it off. 

If I were in a conversation with you, would I just roll up and say, "so this is what I did this weekend." No. No, I would not. I would ask you about your weekend and then roll into what I did. 


But this is a little one-sided here, so I must begin my conversation with you this way...


My sister and my nephew came to BG for a visit, and I was thrilled!

We've haven't had visitors in a while, and it just makes me happy. I miss my family!

Anyways, Jo had an idea that she would like to take Nathan to go shoot his gun. Yes, we are gun people. Well, technically I'm not, I'm just married to a gun person. ANYWAYS, so apparently now Nathan is a gun person too. And with Paul knowing his business about guns, he was the man to give some lessons.

So we loaded up in the back of the truck and headed into the woods, like any good redneck would.

Time for Nathan to be put to the test.

And there may have been some fear.

But Paul is always very thorough with instructions.

At first we watched from afar

But you know us females couldn't keep our noses out.

Front row seats for this show.

Notice how much further back he is here than picture above? Yeah, that's one reason I'm not really a gun person. THEY SCARY POWERFUL.

Jo was eager to get a shot too.

Not gonna lie, it was pretty funny to watch the gun almost send her back to Indiana the first shot she took.

But once she learned how to do her stance and where to put the gun, she did much better.

But there was still fear.

But I just tried to sit back and enjoy the beautiful day.


As scary as it looks, it's actually only a 22. Whatever that means. I guess it would gently kill you.

But if Hope could do it, so could I.

And that was it for me.

But you know Paul had more teaching to do.

And they all lined up to try it.

I know there are lots of opinions on guns, but I'm glad my kids have been taught gun safety by their very knowledgeable dad. 

And now even my sister.

But what I'm most glad about?

Spending the weekend with my family.


Susie said...

Glad you had a fun time with your sister and nephew!! I am not a gun person either!! I guess because of my past experiences with them!

Tracey said...

1) I love that our hubbies are fanatics about guns and gun safety.

2) Hope shooting the 22...OMG.

3) I miss you.

4) You look so good in Indiana RED! ❤️

Jami said...

Your kid are naturals.

Brittany said...

Machine GUN! OMG! Wow :) Layton would be so impressed!

Jaime Mac said...

What a fun weekend! Shootin' stuff (even tho I NEVER do it-I hear it's fun! ;)), bein' outdoors & hangin' w/ the fam!