Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend in a nutshell

So all the hype around here is that we are gonna wake up to the ice storm of the century on Monday morning. 

But you know how that usually goes, the meteorologists get all excited, talk real fast, interrupt your favorite shows 78,994,858 times, and then NADA. 

So will it be icemageddon in the morning? We shall see...

Our weekend was super low key. But we did stock up on groceries, not in preparation of icemageddon, but because we were sad here. 

You know what happens when I take my husband and kids with me to shop? WE COME HOME WITH EXTRA JUNK. 

Hope was happy to help me make some yummy cupcakes

Other than decimating some eggs into tiny shards, she's a big help!

Of course we spend time snuggling, cause we are class A snugglers here. I swear Hope isn't about to strangle me... Oh and who has a really nice camera but instead takes crappy pictures with her cell phone? WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?

I'll tell you something that's been a nice sight this weekend...

Pierce reading most of the weekend. Hope always reads, Pierce not so much. But he's tore it up this weekend, and it's been great to see him soaking in a couple books.

Sometimes he seems so big, but yet he's still so little.

Oh and maybe a couple future Toppers?? You just never know....

Weekend in a nutshell.

**And yes, it is icemageddon this morning. The most snow and ice I've seen here in BG.


Susie said...

Here too with the snow and ice!! I am so over all of it!! Glad you had a good weekend!

Angie said...

We are iced and snowed in too. Where in this world is Spring?

Brittany said...

they look so cute in their WKU shirts!