Monday, March 10, 2014

Prayers for Griffin

Anyone that reads my blog today, please say a prayer for this little guy, Griffin. 

Griffin is Tracey's nephew, and Tracey has blogged about his story.

But long story short, he is undergoing open heart surgery today. He is nine years old, and just the chillest, coolest little guy.

I know his parents/grandparents/aunts etc., are on pins and needles today, but we believe his little life is in greater hands than ours.

So please take a moment and pray.

Can't wait to see you up and at em' soon, G man!


Susie said...

Saying a prayer for him and the family!!

Granny G said...

I have been praying for him. As it turns out his family is also friends with little Anna whose heart is failing and going to St. Louis today. They were asking for prayers for Griffin also. It is sad that it is such a small world out there sometimes.

Tracey said...

Love you. And, yes, please pray for Anna too! She needs it!!!!

Jessica said...

How very sad. Such a sweet face. Will pray for him and his family. Keep us updated.

Hillary said...

Prayers for Griffin! (gurl, you know I LOVE that name) Let us know how he's doing!