Friday, October 3, 2014

I can't I have a bad thyroid

So blogging hasn't been high on my priority list lately. 

But well nothing has. 

This thyroid stuff is legit. It can make you feel like poo, and honestly just drain the life out of life. However, at a little over a week into meds I have started to notice a slight difference in how I feel, so I am beginning to see the light at the end of the thyroid tunnel. 

But listen, I might slightly be abusing it, because it seem that "I can't, I have a bad thyroid" just seems to work at convent times....

"Mommy can you get me drink? " "I can't, I have a bad thyroid."

"Mommy can you get up now?" "I can't, I have a bad thyroid."

"Gretchen can you stop and get me something to eat?" "I can't, I have a bad thyroid."

"Gretchen can you answer that phone?" "I can't, I have a bad thyroid."


Of course I do jest, but I totally should have pulled that card when it came to taking Hope to the dentist for cavity fillings. But that's the thing about not feeling well, you may not be full of vim and vigor but life still goes on. 

I have felt bad for the kids because I've been a pretty lame mommy lately, but we have managed to have some fun. Wigs make for great belly laughing fun.

Still lots of running going on.

 As pained as he always seems, he says that he loves it.

But most importantly we are ready and waiting for fall break. The kids, myself and my bad thyroid want a break.

Maybe I will blog more over the break?

Maybe I won't?

If I don't just remember, I CAN'T I HAVE A BAD THYROID.


Tracey said...

Remind me never to get a bad thyroid. I feel so bad for you. ;( Miss you!!!

Susie said...

Hope you start to feel better!!